East End Radicals – “Zero Hour”

Album Reviews | Jun 15th, 2015

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Punk/Celtic Punk
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The East End Radicals have a working class mentality and a punk rock attitude and when those two mix it’s usually a good thing. “Zero Hour” is no exception to this rule.

Mixing together some Celtic punk, oi, first wave punk as well as some Dropkick Murphys/Real McKenzies influences, the East End Radicals keep things fresh with each and every song. “Zero Hour” kicks off with the Celt punk heavy “Back to the Start” but doesn’t get stuck in that rut because of their varied musical influences. “Dolce Vita” and “Whistleblower” sound like they could have come from a Swingin’ Utters album while “Forgotten Society” and “YLPD” bring out the street punk. As an added bonus, the band has also included one of their earlier EPs for your listening pleasure.

For the most part, the East End Radicals wear their Irish influences on their sleeve but not once does it feel as if the band is trying to force it. Their songwriting and musical style naturally lends itself to that sound and everything else is just an added bonus. Fans of good punk rock take notice…The East End Radicals are bringing the noise!

Bottom Line: While the band has a heavy Celtic punk influence, there are more than enough good punk songs of many varieties to give “Zero Hour” the seal of approval.
Notable Tracks: Whistleblower, Forgotten Society, Man Out Of Me, Nothing Left, Back to the Start
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