Gentleman’s Dub Club – “Down To Earth”

Album Reviews | Mar 16th, 2021

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Record Label: Easy Star Records
Genre: Reggae/Dub
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Writing and recording when they could during the lockdown, “Down To Earth” finds the band going back to the fundamental basics for one of the smoothest reggae albums of the past few years.

Gentleman’s Dub Club always had a roots/reggae sound that was also on top of the cutting edge of modern technology and production techniques and that hasn’t disappeared from their repertoire, instead they have taken that knowledge and simplified their sound for this album. You’ll find yourself sweating and skanking to the slow groove of “Honey” or the lover’s delight of “Moonlight Dreams”. Don’t worry though because you’ll still get a taste of their dancehall/dub side with songs like “Night Shift” and the title track.

“Down To Earth” gives you absolutely everything that you could want from Gentleman’s Dub Club. They persevered through the pandemic and subsequent lockdown to give as a positive and uplifting album in a time when many of us really need it. To quote one of the many gems from this album…”If you just smile, then the whole wide world will smile with you.”

Bottom Line: A great uplifting reggae masterpiece from the Dub Club.
Notable Tracks: Smile, Honey, Down To Earth, Moonlight Dreams
Overall Rating:


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