Gentleman’s Dub Club – “Dubtopia”

Album Reviews | Apr 12th, 2017

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Genre: Dub/Reggae
Record Label: Easy Star Records
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The Gentleman’s Dub Club is back with their second release on Easy Star Records and they pick up right where they left off with “The Big Smoke”.

“The Big Smoke” was a great introductory album for me and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of “Dubtopia” since its announcement. I am not disappointed one bit by “Dubtopia”. The gentlemen of dub show why their one of the premier dub/reggae bands in the scene as they kick off the album with a heavy dose of dub and bass throughout the first few tracks and mix in some powerful dancehall tracks just for kicks.

“Dancing In the Breeze” and “Let A Little Love” mix together classic reggae with a modern dub flair and really set the mood for the rest of the album. “Fire in the Hole” puts the dancehall sound in the forefront and is reminiscent of some later Buju Banton tracks. “Young Girl” features seminal dancehall artist Lady Chann on vocals and provides a smooth track with a message about dangerous relationships. The Gentleman’s Dub Club’s lyrical content is severely underrated. Their songs aren’t just about partying and smoking ganja…they harken back to the early days of reggae where political and social commentary walked hand in hand.

Some of my other notable favorite tracks are “In Your Heart” which a classic tale of a broken heart and home, “Fade Away”…a classic reggae track that make you yearn for summer days by the pool and the last track on the album, “Sun Kissing” which sees the band going straight ska for a lighthearted lovers romp that closes the album on a perfect note.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Gentleman’s Dub Club are one of the premier dub/reggae acts out there today. They’re the total package. The lyrics are always poignant, soulful and enlightening…the band can jump genres with ease from reggae to dancehall or dub to ska…and their albums are always a joy to listen to. “Dubtopia” is a must have for fans of modern dub as well as traditional reggae lovers. With the reggae resurgence of the past few years, Gentleman’s Dub Club along with Raging Fyah and the Skints are leading the genre to a new golden age.

Bottom Line: Reggae, dub, ska, dancehall, soul…you get all of that over the course of 13 excellent sonic selections.
Notable Tracks: Sun Kissing, Fade Away, In Your Heart, Let A Little Love, Young Girl
Overall Rating:


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