Good Morning Milo – “Through The Chaos & Clutter”

Album Reviews | Nov 21st, 2011

Record Label: JM Recordings
Genre: Emo
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This 14-track album kicks off with a nicely constructed melodic punk instrumental, filling me with hope that this spiritual emo band might actually be decent.

But once the vocals kick in, their fetid, ballady emo corniness stinks up everything into a claustrophobic gas cloud of noxious awfulness. “But Mr. Coozer,” you say. “Surely, you are biased against emo simply on account of your intellect and good taste, right?” That may be true on other days, but I assure you that this album is, by the objective standards set by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, the International System of Units, and the Geneva Convention, fucking terrible.

It is hard to describe just how fucking terrible this is, so I’ll let them do it for me. Consider: “Songbird in a twilight sky / still too far off to see / Her tune perks your ear / and makes you want to sing.” Now imagine a whole album with those lyrics sung in an unpleasantly off-key yet breathless manner, half over contrived Paramore-like pop and half over saccharine ballads. If you still don’t see the problem, consider that the album closes with a 10-minute version of “You Are My Sunshine.”

While it’s easy to blame the band for their unforgivable shittiness, some of the blame must land on their band’s parents, teachers, peers, and community and religious leaders. SOMEONE should have stopped them. Music this bad casts a shadow of embarrassment not only over the band, but everyone who has ever helped them reach this point. When Judgment Day comes, God have mercy on all their souls.

Bottom Line: Toothless ballads under the guise of youth music. For shame.
Notable Tracks: The opening instrumental is not god-awful.
Overall Rating:


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