Graeme James – “Seasons”

Album Reviews | Apr 1st, 2022

Graeme James - "Seasons"

Genre: Folk
Record Label: Nettwork Records

Sit back and get mellow with this intriguing disc of musical possibilities.

Accordingly, “A Sea of Infinite Possibilities” is indeed a heartbreaker from the singer and his lonely guitar. “Field Notes on an Endless Day” is poetry in song, and will leave even the most hardened of heart with wistful memories of times past—a similar spirit is borne on “Banks of the Arrow.”

“The Angel of St. George” is another haunting composition from James, and “All the Lives We Ever Lived” might be an inheritor of the Simon & Garfunkel and/or Moody Blues sounds. Some of the songs feel a bit same-y in the latter part of the album, but keep your ears peeled especially for the mournful “The Weight of Many Winters” and album-closer “No Memories of Tomorrow,” what with its meditation upon the choices of youth and how they affect the people we eventually become.

Notable Tracks: Field Notes on an Endless Day, The Weight of Many Winters, The Angel of St. George
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