Hoods – “Pit Beast”

Album Reviews | Mar 14th, 2010

Record Label: I Scream Records
Genre: Hardcore
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Hoods’ latest tough guy hardcore album is called “Pit Beast’ which is on I Scream Records right now. The label is really signing some cool acts lately, Life of Agony being the latest. Hoods were on Eulogy Recordings for a little bit but I Scream Records is a good fit as well.

There are 11 tracks in all, and they go by pretty quickly. The first song “Pit Beast” starts things off with a blast. I think the song that is the highlight of the album is track 7, “Let’s Have Fun.” The latter half of the album is better than the first half I think. Instead of just plowing through the songs like they seem to do in the beginning, the songs are structured better in the second half. At least that’s my opinion anyway. They cover “Friend or Foe” from Agnostic Front on the last track. Hoods continue to release good hardcore music though. I end up liking each album that I review.

Bottom Line: Another solid release from Hoods
Notable Tracks: Pit Beast, Let’s Have Fun, Friend or Foe
Overall Rating:


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