Kottonmouth Kings – “Mile High”

Album Reviews | Aug 27th, 2012

Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
Genre: Rap
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The Kottonmouth Kings are supporting what has to be their 700th studio album with the release of “Mile High”. “Mile High” is more of a straightforward rap album than the hip-hop influenced stuff of their past.

I’ve never really been a fan of the Kottonmouth Kings and “Mile High” doesn’t really provide anything that would hook me. There are some good beats on a handful of the songs like “Roll Me A Joint” and “End Of The Rope”, but not really being a fan of rap in general, the overuse of synth sounds and dance loops are an instant turn off on most of the other songs.

The choice of personal favorite songs on the album are surely songs that most true fans of the band will skip over…those tracks being the heavily punk influenced rap hybrid songs “Get Out The Way” and “This Addiction” and the reggae dub of “Mr. Cali Man”. Those songs bridge my love of punk and reggae with the Kottonmouth Kings’ rap sound.

As I mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of the rap genre and, although there were also some other sounds that appear on certain tracks, those are few and far between. For a rap album, there are way too many keys, synth sounds and dance club influences for my tastes. A lot of the tracks sound the same to my untrained ears thus making “Mile High” very passable for me.

Bottom Line: An average rap album that varies briefly by sounds like just about any other mainstream sounding rap album out there.
Notable Tracks: Roll Me A Joint, Get Out The Way, Mr. Cali Man
Overall Rating:


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