La Vieja Guardia – “S/T”

Album Reviews | Apr 8th, 2009

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Record Label: I Scream Records
Genre: Punk
Band Link: link
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La Vieja Guardia sounds like a Spanish punk/hardcore band that was fronted by Roger Miret, only it’s not fronted by Miret. I didn’t know what to expect with this CD and have been putting it off to review but I’m glad I finally gave it a shot. If you like fast punk rock you’re gonna like this band!

The band features members of Guajiro, DNME, Mehkago N.T., Car Bomb Theory, Slapshot and The Vandals. So they definitely have some cred as far as the punk/hardcore scene is concerned. I have no idea what they are saying in their songs. I took French in high school yet I barely know any French either. Anyway, “Pa’ La Calle” starts off the EP and immediately you know whether or not you’re going to like this band or not. I thought this 5 song EP was great but way too short.

Bottom Line: Fast Spanish punk rock that makes me want to hear more.
Notable Tracks: Pa’La Calle, Hialeah Deathstomp
Overall Rating:


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