Librarians – “Present Passed”

Album Reviews | May 19th, 2010

Record Label: Postfact Records
Genre: Indie
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Cool psych-indie with a poppy yet off-kilter sound. “Candy Season” is an infectiously dancey lo-fi gem worth the cost of admission: think The Shins meets Vampire Weekend. Upbeat “Wait & See, ” another solid track, has that loopy rhythmic, dancey madness of Happy Mondays. “Hard to Unwind” mixes 60s and new wave, reminiscent of Simple Minds (and, more recently, Space March).

Librarians sometimes tap more directly into the 60s sound than their lo-fi peers. “Cranberry Palace” is pure 60s psychedelia – a little Strawberry Alarm Clock, a little “Across the Universe.” The second half of the album loses some steam, ditching poppiness and cohesiveness in favor of creating a trippier, LSD-laced world for you fans of 60s krautrock a la Tangerine Dream.

Bottom Line: Half dancey lo-fi, half spacey psych-rock soundscape, sometimes at once.
Notable Tracks: Candy Season, Wait & See
Overall Rating:


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