Nikki Glaser – “Perfect”

Album Reviews | Apr 14th, 2016

Nikki Glaser - Perfect

Record Label: Comedy Central Records
Genre: Comedy
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Nikki Glaser’s first comedy special “Perfect” aired on Comedy Central April 9th. You’ll also be able to listen to that special in album-form now. If you’re a fan of her standup, her appearances on @midnight or her new hilarious sex-themed show Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, you’ll love this.

“Perfect” was filmed at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater in New York City and she talks about not wanting kids, marriage, relationships, watching porn, getting tips from porn, sex with her boyfriend and more. I never saw Nikki Glaser’s stand up before but love her new show and always found her hysterical on @midnight. A lot of similar topics or themes from her show are in this standup act as well.

I laughed the most when she was talking about when people tell their parents about being pregnant. I’m paraphrasing but it’s something along the lines of hey my boyfriend came inside me and we’re having a baby! yay! That weird thought has definitely popped into my head. Obviously it’s better when Nikki delivers the line. Another joke that was great was her boyfriend was doing dirty talk with her and he said “what would you do for this dick” in a Batman-like voice. She jokingly screams “Anything, anything!” and that had me double over with laughter. Her lines are fast, sometimes throwing in subtle follows words or jokes to jokes. Her standup is something you have to see or listen to more than once. There are just some things you might have missed the first time from laughing.

I’m not sure if Nikki Glaser’s standup is for everybody but I loved it. There are some comedians that appeal to just men or just women. I feel Nikki’s material is relevant and funny that both men and women will find funny. Perfect is now available to listen to and you can watch the special over at

Bottom Line: Hilarious standup special from Nikki Glaser
Notable Tracks: Maiden Name, Teen Mom, You Own This Pussy, Would Would You Do
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