Old Man Markley – “Blood on my Hands”

Album Reviews | Dec 18th, 2012

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Bluegrass Punk
Band Link: www.oldmanmarkley.com
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Blood On My Hands is the latest 7” / digital download from bluegrass punk band Old Man Markley. I wanted a new full-length but these 2 tracks will have to do. It’s a nice little appetizer for their next album.

The first track is the title track “Blood on my Hands” and its a damn fine tune! As soon as it starts, the banjo & fiddle kicks in and John begins to sing. I love the constant rapid drumbeat too. The banjo and fiddle are the highlights for me. It’s got a nice, harmonized chorus too. It’s a relatively fast song but not too punky.

The second song is “Folk Song” and it’s more of a folky/country ditty than a bluegrass punk song (I guess). “Blood on my Hands” has a better chorus but both songs are catchy. Both songs are great though and makes me crave more tunes from Old Man Markley!

Bottom Line: 2 songs that makes you want to hear more!
Notable Tracks: Both of them
Overall Rating:


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