Pour Habit – “Got Your Back”

Album Reviews | Nov 6th, 2011

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Punk
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My initial reaction upon first hearing what Pour Habit sounded like was: typical Fat Wreck Chords punk band…sounds like Strung Out, Frenzal Rhomb, No Use For A Name. I’ve heard this band over and over again.

Well, upon further inspection, I realized that Pour Habit has more to offer than just another two-minute punk song. Hidden beneath the punk tracks are reggae songs like “Party” and “Conscience Mind of Revelation” and, although Pour Habit are a punk band tried and true, the slight bit of change up is enough to breathe a breath of fresh air into “Got Your Back”.

With Pour Habit’s bread and butter being their punk rock sounds, I would have to say that they do a damn good job of tearing things up. The band is very sound musically but most of the songs sound very similar…ultra-hyper fast drums, buzzing guitars, melodic vocals, yelling…REPEAT. It’s not a bad thing but I found a good chunk of it to become repetitive.

Pour Habit fits the mold of a Fat Wreck Chords band. Here’s hoping they can break that cast and mold something a little more unique.

Bottom Line: A decent punk record that changes things up slightly but winds up sounding like a lot of the same thing over and over again.
Notable Tracks: Head In The Clouds (Danny’s Song), Tomahawk, Conscience Mind of Revelation
Overall Rating:


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