Rain Perry – “A White Album”

Album Reviews | Apr 1st, 2022

Rain Perry - "A White Album"
Image used with permission for review purposes.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Record Label: Precipitous Records (rel. April 15)
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Dulcet tones commence on “Melody and Jack,” thus rather befitting the song’s name. “The Money” feels like about five styles in search of a song, but thankfully then comes “Yarddogs/Morning Dew” with Mark Hallman on backup, in a sweet yard-spinnger of a tune.

“None of Us Are Free” is reminiscent of Paula Cole or perhaps even Fiona Apple, as is the following “Indian Hill, Ohio, 1967,” which has much to say about a rather troubling time in that burg. “Lady of the Harbor” is another winner, as is album-closer “This Is Water.”

Notable Tracks: This Is Water, None of Us Are Free, Yarddogs/Morning Dew
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