The Fratellis – “Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied”

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The Fratellis - Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied Album Review

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Genre: Rock
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The Scottish rock band The Fratellis’ newest album Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied is more like their first two albums (Costello Music, Here We Stand) than their last album (We Need Medicine). I think that’s a good thing and you will too!

There was something about We Need Medicine’s songs that never really jumped out to me. Nothing was really notable but with their 4th full-length album, there’s a few songs that stand out just from a few listens. The opening track “Me and the Devil” is a bit darker than their usual stuff but I like the slow build up to the chorus. It gives you an idea that the album is going to be a mix bag of styles and I dig that. I’m happy each song sounds different and nothing blends together.

The next track “Imposters (Little by Little)” takes the album in another direction and is a bit of a country-ish tune. I actually wouldn’t mind an Americana album by The Fratellis. Would the style of music be called Scotticana? “Baby Don’t You Lie to Me!” is my favorite off the new album because it feels like it could have been on Costello Music. It’s a powerful pop rock tune that will probably be played in-between plays at a sport arena like “Chelsea Dagger” does. The track “Thief” and it’s funky beat sound great, but the “ahhh ahh ahhhh” chorus might get too repetitive for people over the course of the song. I don’t mind it though. The rest of the album has its hit or misses, just like most albums I tend to listen to. There’s a deluxe version of the album out with more songs, mostly acoustic versions of some of the songs on this album. I just wish they would have that included in the original release so fans aren’t getting jipped.

Bottom Line: Better album than We Need Medicine
Notable Tracks: Imposters (Little by Little), Baby Don’t You Lie to Me!, Thief, Too Much Wine
Overall Rating:


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