The Maxies – “Nuuk ‘Em All”

Album Reviews | Apr 18th, 2016

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Record Label: Rock Ridge Music
Genre: Pop Punk
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Hailing from the sunny shores of Greenland, the Maxies (a group of evil masked super villains who fight the powers via pop punk and ten seconds of ska) proudly wear their national colors much like the New England Patriots do. “Nuuk ‘Em All” marks their second snotty pop punk album and their first to be released by Rock Ridge Music.

The Maxies certainly take cues from 90s pop punk and have a sound that is one part the Queers, one part Teenage Bottlerocket and one part NOFX but is too unique to label the band as another copycat Fat Wreck Chords band. Take the song “Bad Guys” for instance…it has a simple enough pop punk sound but then you add in some Dixieland horns and you have something that would make the Vandals proud.

“Nuuk ‘Em All” is just an all-around fun pop punk album that never takes itself seriously except when it comes to producing quality music. There are sing-along anthems, mosh pit starters, clap-along songs, raucous guitars, pounding drums and so much more weird and quirky stuff that you just can’t explain unless you give the album a listen yourself. I haven’t laughed along with punk rock songs like this in a very long time.

Bottom Line: A pop punk album that should be in the 1996 edition of the Fat Wreck Chords catalog. The songs are fun, entertaining and just plain gnarly. Like, totally.
Notable Tracks: Dad Guys, M.A.X.I.E., Baby I Love You, Girl With The Horn Rimmed Glasses
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