The Steady Boys – “Roots”

Album Reviews | Nov 22nd, 2009

Record Label: Do the Dog Records
Genre: Ska
Band Link:

The Steady Boys are a bit of a change for Do the Dog Records in that they aren’t a full fledged ska band. The UK band has an Oi! / classic punk rock sound but there’s a few riffs that resemble ska. This debut album is definitely an impressive one!

When I listen to the tracks of The Steady Boys, I begin to realize how much they are influenced by The Clash and The Undertones. The vocals even sound like a raspy Feargal Sharkey to me. The recording itself could be a little bit better, but the scratchiness does make me think that this was recorded in the 1980s. Most of the tracks are punk rock but there are a few ska/ reggae influenced tracks on here like “Rewind The Mess,” “Don’t You See” and “Footsoldier.” The track “Open Your Mouth” reminds me of the Specials’ “Little Bitch” a little bit. I think the good thing is that the Steady Boys reminds me of those bands. The bad thing is the same. Perhaps with the next album the band will branch out a little bit and develop a signature sound that’s all their own?

Bottom Line: Impressive debut punk rock album
Notable Tracks: Rewind The Mess, Foot Soldier, Open Your Mouth
Overall Rating:


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