The Tossers – “Emerald City”

Album Reviews | Apr 7th, 2013

Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Celtic Punk
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The Tossers’ Emerald City is the Chicago Celtic bands’ latest album and I think the band has finally taken that next step as a band.

In the past, I just listened to the Tossers when it came time to reviewing them. Some songs I liked a lot (“Monday Morning,” “Buckets of Beer”), but then other songs drove me crazy. I didn’t have that feeling this time around. The music didn’t sound like a jumbled pile of shit and the songs didn’t make me want to skip to the next track. In fact, this is one of the best Tossers album I think. Every song is solid and worth a listen or two.

“The Rover” gets things off to a great start, and the fun songs continue throughout the album. “Here’s To A Drink With You” is an excellent sing-along, and the title track “Emerald City” is one of my favorites from the album. “The Break of Dawn” should be a fan-favorite to sing along to, and “God Bless You” is another song fans will love. If the Tossers keep making albums like this, I’ll definitely listen to them more.

Bottom Line: One of the better Tossers album
Notable Tracks: Here’s To A Drink With You, Emerald City, God Bless You
Overall Rating:


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