Travoltas – “Back To The City”

Album Reviews | Jun 21st, 2021

Travoltas - "Back To The City"
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Record Label: White Russian Records
Genre: Punk
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Dutch pop punk band The Travoltas are back with a 4-track EP, a follow-up to their 2017 full-length album Until We Hit the Shore.

Since the early ‘00s, Travoltas have always stood out to me with their Beach Boys/ The Queers sounding pop punk. The band has been on and off recently but happy to see them making music more frequently again. Despite 4 tracks, fans of the Travoltas will love this quick EP. Their single “Escape The Pressure” is rockier and more upbeat than they have been in awhile. The band’s singer Perry says the song “is an in-your-face rebuttal against the mind-numbing rat race we often find ourselves in.”

The title track “Back to the City” has an 80s rock montage feel to it. It has a great beat, some keys and a chorus reminiscent of something in an 80s movie. If the band doesn’t do a music video in that style, they certainly missed a fun chance to do an 80s montage video. I’m sure Kevin Bacon is available. “Start Again” is a good one that has that Travoltas’ sound I’ve loved since the 2000s. The last song “Nightcrawler” sounds like something off The Highschool Reunion.

All in all, 4 tracks is really short but if this is a stepping stone to another full-length, I’m down. Perhaps, one day I’ll be able to see the band perform live as well. Back To The City is worth getting if you love the band, and be sure to buy on Bandcamp (on Fridays) when all the proceeds go to the band (or label in this case)!

Bottom Line: Another solid EP from the Travoltas!
Notable Tracks: Escape The Pressure, Start Again
Overall Rating:


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