Various Artists – “Spring Vibes Riddim”

Album Reviews | Apr 25th, 2016

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Record Label: Rebel Sound Records
Genre: Reggae
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“Spring Vibes Riddim” is a compilation by Rebel Sound Records that celebrates reggae artists from all around the world. On its thirteen tracks there are bands from the United States, Jamaica and Germany to name a few.

What I can gather about this compilation is that there is one master track and each artist takes their turn with producing a song of their own from that master track. While that may sound boring and disappointing to some, you have to realize that the compilation is more of a celebration of the artists and their vocal and musical talents. Listening to someone like Little Hero throwing his reggae rhymes on top of the master track or Ishi Dube adding dancehall and dub to his track you don’t even realize that the backing track is one and the same.

If you’re looking for a summer soundtrack for your pool party or picnic, “Spring Vibes Riddim” is a great mix for the occasion. Each artist adds their own spin to the master track, which is a simple reggae track in the first place, and it’s the variety that the musicians show that makes this such a fun experimental compilation.

Bottom Line: Although the musical track underneath is, for the most part exactly the same, each artist adds his own magic the track to make the song their own.
Notable Tracks: Little Hero-Ready Fi Dem, Ras Pro-Blessing, Triston Palma-It’s So Good, Junior Culture-Suffering
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