Witch Hunt – “Burning Bridges To Nowhere”

Album Reviews | Sep 4th, 2009

Record Label: Alternative Tentacles
Genre: Noise Punk
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I guess you could call this prog-crust. Noisy punky-punk in an explosive wall of sound, packed with interesting changes and directions. It’s a cacophony, but the musicianship is top-notch.

On the downside, even short songs felt too long and I found myself skipping through good songs that became grating at the 2-minute mark. Also, I tend to like alternating male-female vox, but Witch Hunt’s female vocals lack character or distinction beyond screaming one’s head off. Even in a noise band, it’s distracting.

Bottom Line: Solid noise-punk band with some interesting twists, but would prefer just the guy singing/screaming.
Notable Tracks: Sick Industry, Reflections
Overall Rating:


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