Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season

DVD Reviews | Nov 11th, 2008

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Starring Zach Braff, John C. McGinley, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn
Written By: Bill Lawrence
Directed By:
Studio: Disney/ Buena Vista
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The show that I only watch on DVD is back for their last season on NBC. Scrubs will be returning to TV, but on ABC this time; which just goes to show you how much people like this show. While Scrubs isn’t a ratings juggernaut, critics and fans still love the show. Season 7 may not be the strongest season but if you have been following Scrubs from the beginning; you’ll still like this season.

Scrubs Season 7 continues were we last left off from last season. JD and Elliot are laying in the hospital bed together, deciding whether or not they made a mistake in not pursuing a relationship. Elliot decides she doesn’t want to be with either JD or Keith and moves on from that. This season has a lot of reoccurring plot lines like JD trying to grow up and be a father to Kim’s baby, The Janitor pretending to be someone he’s not for his girlfriend, Turk and Carla continue to bicker over things, Turk secretly learns Spanish behind Carla’s back, Dr Kelso reaches the retirement age, and Dr Cox is grumpier than ever. It’s the same old Sacred Heart Hospital, except everyone is older.

I thought the first few episodes of the season weren’t that great but as the season went along, the episodes got better. But after rethinking the first few episodes of the season, they just remind me of any other. Quirky comedy filled with drama and non-serious situations. I’d be scared to have these guys as my real doctors. But as a comedy/dramedy show about a hospital, it’s okay to watch. I realized after watching the last few seasons that I really can’t stand Zach Braff’s character anymore. He continues to sabotage himself with beautiful women, only to keep acting like an immature idiot with Turk. At least part of this season, he sort of grows up and becomes a Father. I just think it if weren’t for the other characters on the show, I wouldn’t watch the show. It’s not Braff per say that’s the problem, just the character and the way he’s been progressing over the years. I love tuning in because I like to see what schemes the Janitor has up his sleeves, what rants Dr Cox is giving and just love watching Sarah Chalke on screen. She’s looking more and more beautiful as she gets older. But obviously that can’t be the only reason to watch Scrubs. It’s the overall dynamics of the show that draws me in. The funny storylines, the excellent ensemble cast, the quirky jokes and sight gags, and everything else that’s associated with Scrubs.

Scrubs Season 7 special features include a Making of the My Princess episode, which was directed by Zach Braff and is a Princess Bride spoof. That is about 18 minutes long and goes into a lot of detail with the making of that episode. That was by far the best bonus feature. Other features include a one on one interview with Ken Jenkins who plays Dr Kelso, alternate lines, commentaries, bloopers, deleted scenes and some easter eggs. If you hit the browse doctors button in the menu, you can see an elevator cam and everyone acting off in front of it.

Please note, this isn’t the final season of Scrubs. Season 7 is just the final season on NBC. There is at least one more season going to air on ABC in mid-season. I believe this will be the last season Zach Braff will be in, so not sure the series will continue without him. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next season.

– My Making Of II: “My Princess”
– One-On-One With Ken Jenkins (Dr. Robert “Bob” Kelso)
– Alternate Lines
– Deleted Scenes
– Bloopers
Audio Commentaries

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Standard 1.33:1 Color

Spanish, French

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Rating: NR
Running Time: 236 minutes
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