Less Than Jake @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | Apr 30th, 2000

Reel Big Fish / Less Than Jake / Ballyhoo @ Best Buy Theater, NYC (38)

Opening Bands: Mustard Plug, Edna’s Goldfish, Catch 22
Date: April 30th 2000
Venue: The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Wow, Two concerts in two weeks. That’s been a lot for us these days. You won’t believe the trouble we went through for the show. Well, not trouble…

Guest list spots were not available for us for the show and with a few days only to the show we had to scramble to find a ticket to the show that has been sold out for three weeks. So while at work, I had my mom call all over the place to look for tickets. Ticketmaster, and several other outlets were sold out. She then called the Chance and talk a lil’ bit with one of the ladies working. We had to drive to Poughkeepsie the day before the show and pick up two tickets. So there was lots of driving. Thanks Mom. Well this was another damn show were we couldn’t take pictures of bands we haven’t taken pictures of.

Anyway, The show was probably one of the best I’ve seen. Finally a lineup where there wasn’t a boring opening act. Every band was good. Catch 22 opened and they had a tough job of getting the anticipated crowd into the show and I must say that is the first band that I saw get a crowd into the show right from the start. The place was packed and they had everyone screaming. Normally, you have everyone standing around with their arms folded. Catch 22 played great too. They played old, new and newer stuff. Some stuff wasn’t released yet and will be out on their new album coming out in August they said.

After that, was Edna’s Goldfish. As usual, they rocked. They played a few brand new songs, all of which were very good. They also played the usual, like “Invincible, ” “Avoiding the Swerve,” and “Veronica Sawyer.” Mustard Plug came on after that. It has been almost two years since we saw M.Plug. They have a new drummer who was pretty damn good. They played lots of songs being the co-headliner. The first three bands were touring together and it was extra nice to have LTJ on tour so Mustard Plug had to open for LTJ. They played lots of great songs like “Box,” “Thigh High Nylons,” “Throw a Bomb,” “Send Me Back,” “Everything Girl,” and plenty more. They also did the popular cover of the Verve Pipe’s “The Freshman.” So far so good.

Less Than Jake came on and rocked the whole time. It was nice to see them playing some new material which will be coming out August 1st entitled “Borders and Boundries.” Some of the songs on that like “Gainesville Rock City” were awesome. Typical LTJ fashion. They played a lot of classics as well like “My Very Own Flag,” “Johnny Quest thinks we’re Sellouts,” “Automatic,” “Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore,” and about an hour’s worth more. I noticed they toned down the crazyiness they usual perform while on stage. No silly string, No toys, No free stuff. The kids at Rutgers bought or “Stole” the merchandise, like the band proclaims. Anywhoooo, the show was excellent. Every band was great. One of the best ones in quite some time. If you missed the show, you really did miss a great one. Oh well.. I am sure they will be around again. Later.


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