Pilfers @ Skater’s World, Wayne, NJ

Live Reviews | Jun 20th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Big D and the Kids Table, Day 19, Rx Bandits
Date: June 20th, 2000
Venue: Skater’s World, Wayne NJ

2 days later, I travel all the way to New Jersey from CT to see Rx Bandits and The Gadjits once again, as well as local band Day 19, and of course 2 of my favorites: Pilfers and Big D. For some reason… Big D opened the show, which surprised me. In all honesty, I would have expected The Gadjits to open up, but oh well. Big D still put on a phenomenal set, as always. What’s good is that the crowd seemed to be getting into them a lot, and since Big D is all the way from Boston, it looks like their music is making more of a national move to me.

Final note on Big D : The intro to “Myself” that Dave has been doing lately is AWESOME! (Now comes some debate. My friend’s and I can’t remember the order of the bands, so don’t yell at me if I get it wrong.) I think Rx Bandits played next….Doesn’t really matter when they played, as they were just as awesome as they were on Sunday. Playing some of my favorites, they belted out “Cornered”, “Teen Idol”, and of course, ended with “What If”, changing the end to saying “Hero’s in a half shell, turtle power!” (TMNT fans, you’ve got to love it.)

And if I’m still right, Day 19 played next. This is the kind of music that I will travel 2 hours for, just to see them play. If there was a show, and Day 19 was the only band playing, I’d definately make the trip. Why? Because they kick ass! I wish I was going to the NJ Warped Tour show just so I could see them, but Boston calls…Anyways, Day 19 was great, and the crowd totally loved them. (Local favorites, how could you not love em?) Still hoping I’m right, The Gadjits played next. Basically, it was the exact same thing as Sunday, except this time the lead guitarist/singer didn’t break as many strings.. A good set, but nothing special, to me at least.

Lastly, Pilfers closed the show. Anna wasn’t with them, but the Bassist from Mephiskapheles took her place, and I have to say he did a pretty cool job of covering for her. (Side note, since James, their drummer has been fired, I guess it was my last time seeing him play. Man, he rocked!) We watched this set from the side of the stage (different for us… We’re usually right up front) and it was a really cool experience. Brian Diaz from Edna’s Goldfish was standing next to us too. (And I hate the fact that they are breaking up!!!) Anyways, Coolie had some really whacked out purple shoes on, and I have to say that they were…Different…Oh, there were definately 2 idiots in the crowd. One moron screamed “Watch the right!”….It’s “Watch the ride!”… And another, total idiot, yelled out “Play Yakuza!” 2 songs AFTER they had already played it…. Oh well, you can’t win em all. Pilfers played “Choose Life” too, which is one of my favorite songs by them. (It was playing when I was in a car accident… Weird..) The trip home??? HELL!!!!!!!!! Why is their fucking construction EVERYWHERE?!?!?! We got detoured after the GW bridge, into New York itself, and had to drive around not knowing where the hell we were…A normal 2 hour trip took 3 and a half hours.That’s a crime…


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