Pilfers @ Casino Skate Park, Asbury Park, NJ

Live Reviews | Apr 1st, 1999

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Opening Bands: Foil, Dissenters, Professor Plum
Date: April 1999 (?)
Venue: Casino Skate Park Asbury Park, NJ

Yes, I know. This is another Pilfers show but who cares, we like them. This time we sat in traffic for two and half hours on the stupid garden state parkway, and trecked down to see them in Asbury Park. America’s Beirut! Anyway, the show was at this cool skatepark right down the road from the now defunct Stone Pony. The park had a lot of cool ramps.

Bryan took some cool pictures, usually making the skateboarder look like he just jumped a nice one. then they fall..haha. oh well. back to the show. The Dissenters opened up. They were alright. They didn’t have any good tunes to get the crowd moving. Professor Plum were up after them. I actually liked them this time. Maybe it was seeing them in a different club. But this time they were good.

Foil was up next. I didn’t like them. They tried to act like Inspecter 7 and Skoidats. Finally Pilfers came on. They recently got back from South America where they played only one show. I wish I could go on a big trip like that for just a weekend. Anyway, They played lots of old stuff with some new stuff thrown in. There was tons of crowd participation as well. The newest song “Lay” is very very good. In the beginning, Coolie, says “LAUNCH” and the crowd is supposed to go “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” That song was great. Some new ones they played were “Why,” “Chawalaling,” “What’s New,” and lots of older stuff. Overall, a great set by the Pilfers, and I think it was worth the drive down there.


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