Skate and Surf Festival 2003 @ Asbury Park, NJ

Live Reviews | Apr 23rd, 2003

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Date: Friday 25 April 2003 — Sunday 27 April 2003
Venue: Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Well, I got down to Asbury in time for the first band(amazingly enough). Folly played first. I had never heard them before, but they rocked pretty hard. The next couple bands kind of blew, but when it got to Death by Stereo, it got really awesome. Death by Stereo was the best band there in my opinion, and the singer interacted with the crowd like no other. He was in the pit the whole time he was singing, and I wish I knew the words to sing along with him.

After them came on Catch 22. They were good. Their horn section and fun bass lines really made for a good pit and some heavy crowd surfing. Next came From Autumn to Ashes. Being one of my favorite bands, I have only great things to say about them. Finch followed them, and they were my favorite band there. They put on an amazing show, but I was a little surprised and disappointed they didn’t play “I Miss You.” Still a fucking sick show nonetheless.

After Finch, Taking Back Sunday came on. I didn’t like their sound as much live as I like their cd’s. Thursday finished off, which is one of the sickest bands around, so I and everyone else in the arena enjoyed them. Overall, Skate and Surf Festival 2003 was a really amazing show.


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