The Pietasters @ Knitting Factory, NYC

Live Reviews | Oct 19th, 2005

The Slackers, The Pietasters, Sammy Kay, The Snails (31)

Opening Bands: Big D and The Kids Table
Date: October 12th, 2005
Venue: Knitting Factory, NYC

It was as if it was 1998 again and the glory that was the 3rd wave was still thriving in New York City. The Knitting Factory was not over packed, which would have been ideal, but there was a great turn out considering the city was braving it’s 5th continuous day of autumn rain. Had it actually been eight years ago, the inclement weather would have been shrugged off for an opportunity to see the Pietasters in their prime. However, since it has been three long years since we’ve heard a new album from these DC natives, and there doesn’t appear to be one in the works, it’s easy for a lot of fans to forget what they’ve been missing.

Big D And The Kids Table opened the show. The kids were into them, and after all it’s hard not to be since they are constantly on tour. Seeing Big D is almost inevitable when attending a ska show these days. If you’ve never caught their set, a DVD is on the way, including footage from the Knitting Factory show… but they’ll probably be coming to a town near you before it comes out. In fact, I can almost guarantee they’ll stop there twice!

Now that most Pietasters fans are of age, they can better appreciate the array of drinking songs that the band has to offer. Their opener, “Drinking and Driving” as well as “Maggie Mae” were met with toasting and beers being passed out among the crowd. It was like one big checkered frat party. Although they’re not from New York, they are certainly at home when they play a NYC show. It was such a phenomenal performance and the Pietasters was so vibrant. When a band has a front man like singer, Stephen Jackson as well as bassist, Jorge Pezzimenti to back him up, it’s hard not to enjoy seeing them live. The entire band looks like they’re just genuinely having a good time. The choice of songs were all fan favorites such as, “Crazy Monkey Woman”, “Out All Night” and the closer, “Freak Show” which contributed to the show’s overall greatness. Although things probably will never be as they were eight years ago, the Pietasters played as if it was, and ska was the next big thing… we can only hope.

Not to take away from the fact that it was a Pietasters show, and a great one at that, but I must admit the pinnacle of the evening occurred when Stephen invited Vinnie Noble (former Pilfer) currently of Cenzo followed by none other than Coolie Ranx to do a song, together with the Pietasters. To see Coolie and Vinny on stage together again, and hug at the song’s completion got me a little misty-eyed (mock me if you must). It was amazing to see them on stage and is just building up more anticipation for the Pilfers reunion show 11.04.05 at the Knitting Factory, to which I am counting the days and you should be too.


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