Road Trip

Movie Reviews | May 19th, 2000

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Starring Tom Green, Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, Rachel Blanchard
Written By:
Directed By: Todd Phillips

I’m finally seeing this movie. Road Trip is sort of similar to Animal House, Porkys and American Pie.

From seeing this movie, it makes me want to take a road trip. We did when we went to school in Pennyslvannia. Matt and I were going to a Pilfers show and we got there and ran over a curb and our oil pan busted and we were stuck in Ithaca NY. Which is where this movie is supposed to take place. This movie is funny and most teenagers and college students will enjoy this movie. Josh ( Breckin Meyer) thinks it’s all over with his girlfriend, who goes to school in Texas and he’s in NY.

Well he videotaped him having sex with another girl. He mistakenly switches tapes and sends the tape to his girlfriend in Texas. That leads to a Road Trip. I think the best character in the movie, which was also my favorite actor in American Pie was Seann William Scott.

He’s funny and doesn’t he sound and look like a younger Jim Carrey? Anyway, there’s some hilarious situations in this movie, most of them by Tom Green. I wish he went along on the Road Trip, because the trip would have been in wilder and more funny. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it will bring a few good laughs but it’s not the best college movie, that would be Animal House.

Rating: R
Running Time: 94 minutes
Overall Rating:


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