Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

What’s a hepcat and do they meow?
A Hepcat back in the old days was considered to be hep because he was cool. If you were slick, it would be ” hey check out that Hep-cat “. If you did good by other folks it would be “Man, that dude sure is one Hep-cat “. If you were knowledgeable about music and the scene surrounding you were regarded the same. When referred to by others you were “that Cat Timmy “. You dig what I’m saying? Not a meow, not a word- Dig?

if you were stranded on an island which two things of your choice…..What would you choose?
A girl with a big ass and one with a little one.

How long has hepcat been around for and how has ska changed since your first day?
12 years and counting chief… It’s gone from grapes to wine, marbles to dice, and from kisses to love..

Did you ever ride the short yellow bus when you went to elementary school, and how did it feel?
No, I didn’t. But I did have to take E.S.L reading class in the 2nd grade of primary.

is there anything you guys regret doing as a band? if so….. what is it and why?
I think right now we all regret not playing. But that’s about it..

do you guys have any tattoos and what are they of?
Efren has one or two but I don’t really go looking inside my man’s shorts too often.

Would you guys come to New Jersey to play my 23rd birthday party?
You didn’t come to my 23rd birthday party in California did you?

When people leave your shows………. what message would you like them to leave with?
Pretty much anything other than what they came in with.. The point is to give an alternate perspective chief..

What is your favorite song to perform and why?
Any of the instrumentals because then I get to be cheerleader and not look stupid like the male cheerleaders back in high school.

What’s it like going on tour with Hepcat? What do you guys do in your spare time…. etc?
None of us talk much really.. There are a lot of nods and grunts and gestures meaning agreement.. So we walk around a lot, meet people, and talk to them..

Would you rather make love to Rosie O’Donnell or Barbara Steisand and why?
Streisand.. Because at least she used to look good. Besides,, I like a strong woman,,,, with a big nose who dresses like she is queen of her own J.C. Penny.. yeah

Please give me ten reasons why i should be your friend?
#1 I’m holding.. #10 and it’s good shit

Who are the members of hepcat, what they play, and their nicknames?
Please don’t..

if you could be a super hero what would your name be and what special powers would you posess?
My name is Greg Lee- I was here then I’d disappear..

Have you ever gotten the Hershey squirts on stage? How did you deal with it?
No, but I remember Dave Hillyard was in the band and he did once.. Best solo’s I ever heard out of him..

How do you feel about Alex being on TV and………….. do you think he’s a good actor?
It’s not whether you win or loose, it’s how you play the game man.. You better ask..

In the space provided please let me know just how much you enjoyed this amusing interview?
Yeah, Be good man, Roll with the good dice. Glee