Marvel Studios’ Loki Full Trailer Is Out Now!

Media | Apr 5th, 2021

Marvel Studios' Loki Full Trailer Is Out Now!
Image taken from trailer

Marvel Studios’ Loki full trailer is here and gives you an idea of what the story will be about and just how weirdly awesome it’s going to be! I’m ready for it!

Having Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston acting together seems like it’s going to be fun time and the overall story looks like it’s going to be a fun one to watch. Loki has to fix the mess that he created by taking the tesseract in Avengers: End Game.

Falcon and Winter Solider is cool but it seems like by the time we get to the good stuff, it will be over and want more of it then. Falcon and Winter Solider feels like a long movie and think Loki will feel more like WandaVision. More mysterious, confusing and episodic at times but overall more enjoyable in the end, at least to me. I also feel like it’s the type of show that I will try to avoid the internet at all costs when it premieres every Friday morning. I just don’t have that feeling with F & WS right now.

The series premieres on June 11th on Disney+.


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