Netflix Has Canceled Marvel’s Luke Cage Now…

TV News | Oct 20th, 2018

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Ok, something is up when Netflix has canceled another Marvel property. Luke Cage was the latest to be canceled by Netflix, leading many people to scratch their heads and ask “why?” Is Netflix trying to save money? Creative differences? Will they combine Marvel shows into one thing like Heroes For Hire? Or are these shows just going to be moved to Disney’s streaming service in 2019? The show had its flaws (aka Mariah and Shades making out every episode) but it was nowhere near the disaster that was Iron Fist. If they cancel Jessica Jones or The Punisher next, something is definitely up.

The Hollywood Reporter posted about the cancelation last night:

The cancellation follows on the heels of ‘Iron Fist’ getting the ax. Netflix has canceled its second show from Marvel in as many weeks: Luke Cage is done after two seasons.

The cancellation comes seven days after the streaming service pulled the plug on Iron Fist, also after two seasons. Both shows were part of the original quintet of Marvel shows Netflix ordered in 2013. The first of the five to premiere, Daredevil, launched its third season on Friday.

“Unfortunately, Marvel’s Luke Cage will not return for a third season,” Netflix and Marvel said in a joint statement. “Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is grateful to the dedicated showrunner, writers, cast and crew who brought Harlem’s Hero to life for the past two seasons, and to all the fans who have supported the series.”


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