Dead To Me – “Little Brother EP”

Album Reviews | Oct 25th, 2008

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Punk
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I enjoyed Dead to Me’s previous album Cuban Ballerina a lot and I was looking forward to their next release. Granted this is only an EP, it’s still new material from Chicken, Jack Dalrymple and others. I just like anything that Jack does because he has a unique voice and style. Chicken is good too and sort of has a similar singing style.

There’s 5 songs in total and the first song is Don’t Wanna. Jack is heavily represented on this album, but Chicken sings background vocals and the lead for one or two songs. I like that they have the dual vocals thing. I thought the strongest songs were Don’t Wanna, Ran That Scam, and What’s Wrong. I felt Arrhythmic Palpitations and Little Brother were the weakest in the EP. They aren’t necessarily bad or anything, I just liked the other songs better. Little Brother was about 4 minutes long, and it’s a mixture of punk rock and reggae. I honestly didn’t like the reggae part of the song and think the upbeat part of the song was better. The album finishes off great with the songs Ran That Scam and What’s Wrong. This album is a nice addition to the Dead To Me discography but I wish they followed up Cuban Ballerina with a full-length instead.

Bottom Line: A strong sophomore follow-up from Dead to Me
Notable Tracks: Don’t Wanna, Ran That Scam, What’s Wrong
Overall Rating:


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