Karnivool – “Sound Awake”

Album Reviews | Dec 15th, 2010

Record Label: Sony Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Band Link: www.karnivool.com.au
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Hard rock and progressive rock can be 50/50 with me. Either it sounds good or it doesn’t. Australia’s Karnivool’s second album Sound Awake isn’t the best thing in the world but their fans should be happy with it.

No songs really stand out to me. Everything is blended with blah-ness. “Set Fire To The Hive” I guess is one track that I can see being played on the mainstream rock stations. Other than that, I just don’t think this album is all that exciting. This album actually bored me. Like I said before, progressive & hard rock has to be outstanding for me to like it but these guys just didn’t do anything for me.

Bottom Line: Boring hard rock band
Notable Tracks: Set Fire To The Hive
Overall Rating:


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