Kyle Cease – “I Highly Recommend This”

Album Reviews | By on Dec 31st, 2012

Record Label: Comedy Central Records
Genre: Comedy
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I Highly Recommend This is another stand-up CD/DVD from comedian, actor Kyle Cease. Or also known as, the slow clapper in Not Another Teen Movie. The album is 13 tracks, and was recorded in 2010 in Denver at Comedy Works. While others may enjoy his stand-up, I simply just don’t get it.

Kyle talks about random stuff like how to make your death fun, old women who say “Well I’ll Never,” Universal Studios and other things, but none of it’s funny to me. He seems like one of those guys that talks at a party really loud to get noticed, but is never, ever funny. Besides the CD, there’s also a bonus DVD that has his half hour Comedy Central Presents on it, along with some bonus clips. Eh, I think I’ll pass and go back listening to my George Carlin, Bill Burr, and Louis CK standup albums.

Bottom Line: Not that funny to me
Notable Tracks: How to make your death fun
Overall Rating:


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