Pulley – “No Change In The Weather”

Album Reviews | Nov 14th, 2016

Pulley No Change
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Record Label: Cyber Tracks
Genre: Punk
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With the release of “No Change In The Weather” on November 18th seminal SoCal punkers Pulley will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary of unity as a band. “No Change In The Weather” takes you back with a dose of nostalgia as well as plenty to look forward to for the future.

Forming from the remnants of a handful of southern California punk bands, Pulley came together and helped put a stamp on SoCal punk rock. Their mix of melodic harmonies, hardcore and skate punk sounds as well as some of the best songwriting in the 90s punk rock scene helped the band gain quite a following.

“No Change In The Weather” is Pulley’s first release in nearly five years and it picks right up where the band left off. If you’re looking for fist pumping, mosh pit-inducing classic punk rock, then look no further than the first track on the album, “No I In Team”. It sounds like it was taken from one of the Punk-O-Rama compilations. The rest of the album is a great lesson on the diversity and greatness of punk rock. Pulley manages to shift gears from blazing punk rock fury to melodic hardcore to sing-along anthems without missing a beat. There are just so many great tracks with their own unique sound that is held together with the melodic vocals and poignant lyrics of lead singer Scott Radinsky.

Over the last few years there seems to be an insurgence of new bands influenced by 90s punk rock found on labels like Lookout Records, Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords. It’s been pretty amazing to see some of those bands that honed the SoCal punk rock sound get back into the mix. Pulley are one of those bands that never really went away but many fans will be happy to have them back in the fray. “No Change In The Weather” is a great introduction to one of the best punk bands out there today.

Bottom Line: There isn’t a single bad track to be found on “No Change In The Weather”, which happens to be one of Pulley’s best releases to date.
Notable Tracks: No I In Team, Fixing The Drought, Sometimes, Syndrome
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