See Green – “Violet” EP

Album Reviews | Sep 8th, 2010

Record Label: S/R
Genre: 80s Retro
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See Green, a pop group fronted by singer/songwriter Courtenay Green, does the retro 80s thing – sunny hooks, cheap-sounding synths, boppy drums and syncopated guitar and keyboard lines – and it’s not bad.

The music is fun and cutesy; the only low point is ironically the vocals, which seem low and monotone for 80s bubblegum. But I did make the mistake of popping this on after listening to Katrina & the Waves for about an hour – that’s kind of like evaluating an art student’s notebook after spending a day at the Louvre.

5 tracks – the middle three are great. The opener seems unfocused and overreaching, the closer is (of course) a lame ballad.

Bottom Line: The music sounds cuter than the vocals.
Notable Tracks: Get What I Want, Devil In The Details
Overall Rating:


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