Slightly Stoopid – “Top Of The World”

Album Reviews | Aug 13th, 2012

Record Label: Stoopid Records
Genre: Various
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“Top Of The World” is the Stoopid crew’s 7th studio album released in a DIY fashion on their own record label and recorded in their own studio. Not only does the band continue to defy genres, but this amalgamated mix is one of their best to date.

Years ago I was a so-so fan of the band. I still enjoyed their music and would listen to them occasionally after the band shoved their ska punk roots back under the rug. “Everything You Need” was a great listen. Years passed and I stumbled upon “Chronchitis”. There was something about that album that hooked me to the band once again. The ska, punk and reggae were absent from “Chronchitis”, but the ambient sound that the band fused genres together was nothing short of amazing. Five years later, “Top Of The World” sees Slightly Stoopid taking the sound of “Chronchitis” and mixing it with just about every sound the band has ever had.

One of the most noticeable and welcome sounds that is revived on “Top Of The World” is the ska and reggae groove. In fact, most of the tracks have a ska/reggae feel to them. The band also brought Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Barrington Levy, among a slew of other guests to participate in the Stoopid madness. “Ska Diddy”, Angelo Moore’s guest track is just what you would expect…a crazy fun up-tempo ska diddy about playing in dives and ramshackle venues and dancing the night away with friends while the Barrington Levy song is a straight-up dancehall reggae dub love song. G-Love even appears on a song titled “Hiphoppablues” which is pretty much as described in the title…a hip-hop blues song complete with harmonica and horns. There is also a surprising cover song of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” done only the way that Slightly Stoopid would or could.

“Top Of The World” is a great step forward by Slightly Stoopid without forgetting about their roots. They have managed to blur the lines of so many various genres and seamlessly mix those into a sound that no other band can mimic. If you hear a Slightly Stoopid song, it’s instantly recognizable. “Top Of The World” has so many great songs that you wish would get more exposure or airplay. The return of the island sound was a great injection into the sound that the band had already been perfecting for the past 15 years. Here’s to fifty more!

Bottom Line: “Top Of The World” is heavily influenced by reggae, dub and ska. Top that off with the Slightly Stoopid sound known the world around and you have one hell of a great mix.
Notable Tracks: Top Of The World, Don’t Stop, Ska Diddy, UR Love, Underneath The Pressure, I’m On Fire, Pon Da Horizon
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