The Amputees – “Scream”

Album Reviews | Dec 9th, 2013

Record Label: Money Fire Records
Genre: Punk

While clocking in at a little under ten minutes long, this five song EP of punk and roll songs manages to capture what many so-called punk bands can’t accomplish over the course of an entire catalog of albums…pure unbridled punk rock energy.

This seven-piece (!) punk band from the underbelly of NYC harken back to the leather jacket-wearing punk rock and roll days while mixing in some grunge and rock and roll to inject the listener with a healthy dose of kick ass songs.

There’s a lot to like about the Amputees in such a short period of time. With every song it seems like everyone in the band gets a shot and lead vocals and the songs are relentless yet catchy as hell. There is definitely a Joey Ramone meets Kurt Cobain vibe. If you’ve ever imagined what that would sound like then you must take a listen to “Scream”.

Bottom Line: Fast, short and relentless…”Scream” is just a sample of what the Amputees sound like. It leaves me longing for a full length from these guys and gals.
Notable Tracks: Beaner, Holden, 88
Overall Rating:


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