The Grownup Noise – “This Time With Feeling”

Album Reviews | By on Apr 4th, 2011

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Indie Rock
Band Link:

There are bands where you can just leave their music on, and go about your day. The Grownup Noise seems like one of those bands. Melodic and pop, indie rock music, that makes you feel good. Their new album is worth listening to. Why? Because I said so.

Like with most albums, the first has to grab you and I think “Strawmen” does. A nice blend of indie rock and folk rock music is how I can best describe The Grownup Noise. “Anthem For Second Place” is just as good as the first track, but I think “Carnival” is the best tune on the album. I think it should be their first single, if they were even going to consider doing a single or not. Then again, the track “Attention” is a catchy tune as well. I really like the use of the keyboards and cello in the majority of the songs. It gives their sound a nice touch. I went into this album thinking I was going to hate it, and came out the other end the opposite. Be sure to check out their NYC record release show this month!

Bottom Line: An indie-folk album I can just leave on and not skip a track
Notable Tracks: Strawmen, Carnival, The Artist Type, Attention
Overall Rating:


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