Various Artists – “No Lip Vol. 2”

Album Reviews | Nov 9th, 2009

Record Label: Mohawk Bomb
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14-track sampler from Florida-based Mohawk Bomb Records, a new label with an interesting, innovative philosophy of not dicking their bands over.

While many of their bands hail from Florida and California, MBR’s roster has surprising diversity for a new label. The comp starts off with Soul Destroyer, who play an electroclash/industrial/pop rock hybrid that’s awash in radio hooks, kind of like if Ministry had an emo son into Green Day. Ascending to Avalon is more on the fat-riff, grunge side; 900 Pound Gorilla are, as defined by their name, hardcore; Night Artery are indie-ish with a slight Morrissey vibe; Wits End are garage-pop; VerleeRose is a singer/songwriter; The Redlight Stare are tight-pants-and-skinny-tie-wearing hipster rock; Rude Squad are, well guess. And so forth.

Only a couple of standouts for me, but the quality is consistently solid. I also applaud the punk-sounding label for its big tent approach and I suspect they will be putting out some gems in the near future.

Bottom Line: Diverse roster from energetic startup.
Notable Tracks: Tracks from Night Artery, Wits End, Bull Lee
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