Bad Religion @ Roseland, NYC

Live Reviews | Mar 12th, 2002

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Opening Bands: Less Than Jake, Hot Water Music
Date: March 12th 2002
Venue: Roseland, NYC

Gee, has it been this long since my last concert review. Oh well. This was the first time I’ve been back in NYC since 9/11 and the day I went into the city, it was the 2nd day they were displaying those lights where WTC was. I couldn’t see the lights from the George Washington Bridge and I could only see them when I was near Roseland. If you can see them, it kind of makes you think of things and remember.

To continue, I get close to the Roseland and the line is almost near Ed Sullivan Theater where Letterman broadcasts from. So that means it’s around the building. But surprisingly, the line went quick. I haven’t been to the Roseland in a few years and I remembered how shitty the sound system is at that place. If you don’t have ear plugs in, you’ll either be deaf or won’t hear the music too good. Hot Water Music started right as I got into the place. But before I saw Hot Water Music, a trip to the bathroom was in order. Am I the only person, when going into NYC, that I have to pee really bad, and I can’t find a bathroom? Everytime I go into Manhattan, that happens.

ANYWAY, I don’t know any songs from Hot Water Music but they were okay. I took photos of them, and took advantage of a photo pass by not going into the sold out crowd. I really wanted to see Less Than Jake and Bad Religion the most. Less Than Jake came out and got the place rockin. I think a lot of the people were there for LTJ. They played the usual songs, plus a few new ones. The new songs sounded good, and I can definitely notice the 80s hair band metal influence in them. Halfway through the set, Chris mentioned to the crowd about the ska boom that was big in ’97. And that all the bands now are shitty emo bands, but “we still have our horn section.” I got a kick out of that. They finished their awesome set and it was Bad Religion’s turn to rock the mother fuckin house down yo.

Well 45 minutes later…I hate, hate, hate when bands take fucking forever to get on stage. How long does it take to get your guitar, sax, whatever ready before you go on stage. Yeah so Bad Religion eventually hit the stage. They started the show off with “Suffer” and played a few other older songs like “No Control, “”Amotic Garden, ” and “Modern Man.” They also played a couple of new songs as well. I think they played “Supersonic,” “Self Defense,” and their new hit “Sorrow.” I stuck around for 45 minutes of their set. Maybe if they came on earlier, I would have stayed around to see all of their set. Overall, the show was good. Seeing LTJ and Bad Religion together was worth it. The ticket price was a bit high, but so was parking! I think NYC parking cost more than a ticket. Note to self: take the train next time!


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