Warped Tour 2000 @ Saratoga Raceway, Saratoga, NY

Live Reviews | Jul 17th, 2000

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Date: July 17, 2000
Venue: Saratoga, NY

The 2000 Warped tour sponsored by Vans Launch.com. Don’t know what that is about but hey money makes tours go round. Well the Saratoga stop was the one I hit, and I hit it good, well no I just wandered around. I got there when the third act was going on which was Millencolin, I missed Good Riddance and only saw half of Anti-Flag.

I don’t really listen to any of them so I am not to up on them and how they sound. After that came bible class for the day, mxpx, the pop punk trio play there songs and created a surprisingly violent pit I got some bad cuts form nails as I made my way through to find my friend. I use to listen to them so I knew how they sound and even though I don’t like their music now, they put on a nice show. Then came NOFX, yeah they were NOFX with all the jokes and punk rock you know and love, but I never really was into them cause it seems as they took their lyrics from 12 year-old boys, but it was a great time in there, cause we all need to let loose and be immature for a little bit, and they do it well so that rocked.

Then came Snapcase on another stage I didn’t feel to hardcore so I went over to the porta-potties and listen in private to the one song I knew which was cool cause then I jetted back to the other stage and waited for the Suicide Machines, who were one of the bands I went to see. So to pass the time I search the pit for neat-o things dropped by other people there. I found a cool op ivy pin, three dollars in change, a 5-cent deposit tape, and some other crap. So after Snapcase finished talking about their new video and their new friends Papa Roach, the Suicide Machines came on. They freaking rocked, I really like them so I was happy to see them and they play few songs from the new album which was cool cause I don’t have it yet. As I am skanking around to it my only beef with the day comes about, damn moshers, all these big meat heads do is slam dance, lots of skill in that tough guy. I mean yeah there is a time for it but wen there are people showing some skill and skanking around with rhythm it gets broken when these people knock into the skankers. Other than that which comes into play just about everywhere, Suicide Machine put on a good show. When they were done I was rather exhaust so I sat down and pasted out for a bit, when I came to the guys from Suicide Machines were still behind the stage hanging out talking to the kids, super cool guys, so I said good show to them and got some water so I didn’t pass out again.

Green Day was up next on the other stage, so I just walked around and ended up in the “Tiki Tent” where a band called Bueno was playing these guys where from AZ and played political punk. After Suicide Machine I was separated from my friends so after Green Day/Bueno was over I met up with them and sat around while the Bosstones played then until Save Ferris was over and then the band I was waiting for was to come on, The Long Beach Dub All-Stars, they came out and rocked it. I probably wouldn’t be writing this if it wasnt for Sublime so seeing the closest thing to them I can I was pysched. They played a great set, some of my favorite Sublime songs and the best of their repatwar. But all good things come to an end like their set and warped tour for me, after this I wandered around and waited for punk rocking Papa Roach to use their last resort(sorry I just had to say it). AFI was playing at this time to but I was to tired. So I collected a few posters and waited at the gate for my ride.


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