Minority Report

Movie Reviews | Jun 21st, 2002

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Starring Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Colin Farrell, Neal McDonough, Steve Harris, Patrick Kilpatrick, Samantha Morton, Daniel London, Kathryn Morris
Written By: Scott Frank, Jon Cohen
Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Spielberg comes back strong after that sci-fi turd of a movie, A.I. And I actually liked a Tom Cruise movie for once. I never really liked Tom Cruise before or haven’t really seen any of his movies.

The movie looked interesting in the trailers and just because it’s a Steven Spielberg movie made me want to see this. The basic premise of the story is that it’s set in 2054, or sometime around there. John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is chief of the Pre Crime division of the Police Department in DC. They can find out when a murder is going to take place before it happens through psychics. John Anderton finds out that he’s a future murderer and tries to find out what’s going on. I really liked this movie. The story, the acting, directing, special effects were all great. The movie was dark at times, it had some funny moments, it had a few scenes where you jumped out of your seat, the action was excellent.

I really don’t have any complaints..finally! I hated Spielberg’s A.I. and I’m glad this one turned out so well. I wasn’t expecting this to be this good. A.I. was dark, depressing, and just weird at times. This one was entertaining, had it’s twists and turns in there, and didn’t have annoying kids in it. This also had some humor in there as well like an older lady feeling up Tom Cruise when he was drugged up and an incident with his eyes. I won’t spoil it for you. There was so many things in the film, this one will need repeat viewings. The acting was good. Tom Cruise was excellent I thought. I’m amazed how fast he talked during some scenes. Must have been hard learning those lines. One actor that I think will be bigger in the biz, is Neal McDonough, who was “Buck” in Band Of Brothers. He played Officer Fletcher in MR. Another actor that got huge all of a sudden is Irishmen Colin Farrell. I’m amazed how well he hides his accent in his movies.

You’ll definitely see him more in movies and he’s going to be in Daredevil as Bullseye. That trailer played before the movie and it rocked! Max Von Sydow was decent in the movie and played the man who started Pre Crime. What I liked about Tom Cruise’s character, is that he isn’t perfect. He does drugs, he has family problems, and, well he’s supposed to kill someone so that’s a bright observation on my part. There was many scenes in the movie that I really enjoyed. All the action scenes were done terrifically. The opening scene showing what Pre Crime goes through was awesome. The vertical cars was an excellent scene, where John is trying to escape. I liked the “Spyders,” these robotic spyder looking things that go under doors and scan people’s eyes to see if they are the person they are looking for. They had a personality even though they were robotic.

The Car Factory scene was an exciting action sequence and I love those laser guns that John Anderton shoots. Cool beans! Another scene that added some humor was when John goes to this nightclub/ sex place and you see all these people with virtual reality helmets on. The stuff that was going on was funny. I guess you have to see it. The special effects were really really good. I almost think they were better than Star Wars.

All the menus at the pre crime place were done well, the highways were cool, the spyders were creative, and the Slave 1 ripoff was interesting. The cops on the jet packs were cool too. I liked how Spielberg did certain scenes. The overview of apt rooms, the blurriness of the jet packs flying, the super light shots were all very creative. I liked how everything came together at the end, and the added twists in there. I thought John Williams score added many elements to the film, and loved the score when it sounded like old horror movies. I’m just glad Spielberg made this work, because I wasn’t expecting much from this at all.

If you were disappointed with A.I., Spielberg and Tom Cruise lately, than this is the movie to bring them back up to the top. Excellent film and I strongly recommend seeing this. Especially Sci-fi fans.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Scenes: Pre Crime Opening Scene, The Car highway scene, Fellow Cops Vs John, Car Factory Scene, Spyders, Nightclub thing scene. a lot of great scenes in this one.
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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