Authority Zero (Jason DeVore)

Interviews | Jun 14th, 2010

The Ataris, Authority Zero, Drag the River, Gasoline Heart, Donald Spence at Irving Plaza, NYC (20)

Just in case you don’t know already, Authority Zero have a brand new album coming out called “Stories of Survival.” It will be released on June 22nd on Viking Funeral. You can pre-order the album here. For a whole week, we’ll be streaming one of their tracks from the new album called “Liberateducation.” You can listen to that on the website’s sidebar in the “Featured Music” at the top.

Adam Coozer and I had the chance to send some questions to AZ frontman Jason DeVore, who answered questions about the new album, his singing style, the current state of Arizona and what’s the band’s signature dish if they opened up their own restaurant. Read what he said below:

Your new record “Stories of Survival” is the first on Fletcher Dragge’s (and Ken Seaton of Hardline Entertainment and Suburban Noize Records)’s new label Viking Funeral. How did that all come about (well besides touring with Pennywise)? How does it feel to be the first band on the label?
It’s a great feeling to be the first band on Viking Funeral Records and we’re proud to say we are. When we started nearing the end of our recording session Ken from Hardline approached us and presented the idea. We thought it sounded like a great one for obvious reasons. Fletcher from PW was going to be a part of it as well as Kevin Zinger at Subnoize. Pennywise has been a long standing band that we’ve not only grown up listening to and respecting, but have also befriended. It’s a great feeling to know you’ll be working side by side with people like that and that the choices made will be aimed in favor of the band. Not only that but to feel that you’re pioneering something that could be a great part of the history of the label. The label was developed with the ideals and ethic of the old shoolers (Epitaph, Theologian, FatWreck etc.). Labels we all looked up to growing up. Nice to know we may be a part of the development of the next one.

The famous Winston Churchill quote was an interesting and awesome intro for the new album. What made you guys decide to use that one?
The whole album from top to bottom has got something to do with struggles and hardships. From personal hardships and day to day life to the hit of job loss in a crippled economy. In the end the songs also have to do with facing those hardships head on, re-evaluation, and taking the proper steps to find resolve. To me the Churchill quote encompassed that and it felt like along with the songs it was empowering and set the tone of the album.

It seems like the majority of the songs towards the end of the album were more ska/punk. Was it done on purpose to group them together or it just turned out that way?
Jason- It wasn’t completely intentional. We actually went through the song arrangements what feels like a hundred times ha. At literally the very last minute, we went through them one last time and called our manager while the record was getting mastered to have it changed. More than anything we wanted to record to flow almost seamlessly from front to back and it just felt like this arrangement made it do just that.

How do you sing so fast and remember all the words to songs like “Poor Paddy” and “Rattlin Bog?” I can’t imagine myself singing that fast without messing up (not like I’m a singer or anything anyway haha).
I’ve always been a fast talker and been told to slow down and enunciate growing up. I guess the enunciation stuck but the slowing down didn’t ha. As far as remembering them that’s a great question. Always been pretty good at memorizing lyrics and melodies, but suck at people’s names and some memories. I’m working on it though.

Here’s a question that’s always been puzzling me, how come you guys haven’t done the full leg of the Warped Tour? You’ve done dates here and there but not the entire tour. I think AZ is the perfect band to be on the tour. Beats a lot of the shit that’s on it lately.
We’ve been working hard each year to get on the full leg of Warped Tour but to no avail. As you mentioned we’ve managed to sneak in here and there by using what contacts we’ve made over the years, but have yet to land the whole tour. I guess I don’t have a solid answer for ya other than, that’s a great question haha. We’re gonna keep on hammering away though year after year til it happens. If not, we’ll just keep on doing our own tours.

Who would win in a fight – Against All Authority, Authority Zero, or Zero Mostel?
Probably none of the above, if we were on tour together we’d all be too busy hangin’ out and throwing down brews. Although If I had to take a stab at it, of course I’d vote for my own team! Against All Authority would be a close second. Some pretty intense dudes on stage.

If Authority Zero opened up a restaurant, what would be its signature dish?
The “Zero Hour”. Eating competition style. It would be a pasta bowl consisting of 3 pounds of noodles, giant meatballs, and a thick red sauce engulfed with herbs and spices. Don’t forget the cheesy garlic bread.

Since you guys live in Mesa, Arizona, and I’m sure you’ve been ask this a few times now. But what’s your take on everything that is going on in Arizona right now?
It’s fucked. It’s an interesting time here in Arizona right now and pretty scary one to be quite honest. The 1070 law has brought a lot of turmoil to my home state. I don’t agree with it personally nor that it’s the appropriate answer for our states issues. It’s unfortunate to see it take such a drastic turn in order to find a solution for the given problems our state has. One thing I do feel is unfortunate is to see the many bands boycotting Arizona at a time when the kids and fans need to hear them express their ideals and concerns most. It’s a weird time right now and i just hope there can be some positive resolve in the end.

Many many years from now, If people only had the chance to remember Authority Zero for just one thing, what would that one thing be?
I’d like to think people will remember us as a band that played their ass off, was eclectic, had an intense live show, and acknowledged that they owed everything they’d accomplished to their fans. Oh wait, you said one thing right?

Besides touring and promoting the new record, what else do you have coming up for AZ and non-AZ related?
We’ve had talk of doing another Rhythm and Booze live acoustic album, but have yet to hash that out. Other than that start writing and demoing for the next record while touring our asses off!

Thanks for the awesome interview Jason! Be sure to visit their website and BUY their new album “Stories of Survival” when it comes out June 22nd.


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