Break Anchor Release Music Video for “West Alexandrine”

Media | Jan 13th, 2016

Break Anchor - "West Alexandrine"

Break Anchor premiered their music video for “West Alexandrine” the other day at Substream Magazine. The song is off their 2015 album In a Van Down By The River, which was released on Paper + Plastick Records. You can watch the music video below now as well.

Jay from Break Anchor talked about the music video:

“My family was very dysfunctional, and to say I came from a broken home is an understatement. I have always had faith in myself, probably because my parents didn’t. The city of Detroit and all my friends who I consider closer to me than family helped raise me and become who I am today. Detroit has this effect on a lot of people which is why we have everyone standing with buildings or empty lots that meant the world to them. I hope it makes sense to kids who have been raised by the city or who have found family that isn’t blood.”

If you live in Montreal, you’ll be able to see Break Anchor and Suicide Machines at the awesome Pouzza festival!


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