Carbon Leaf revisiting Indian Summer for its 10th Anniversary

Music News | Jun 4th, 2014

Carbon Leaf @ City Winery, NYC - July 11th 2013 - Bryan Kremkau (19)

My buddies in Carbon Leaf are always keeping themselves busy with constant touring and recording. This summer will be the 10th anniversary of Indian Summer which features favorites like “Life Less Oridinary,” “What About Everything,” “One Prairie Outpost” and “Let Your Troubles Roll By.” They have decided to circle back around and revisit the seminal album. They will be re-recording the songs since Vanguard Records owns the original recordings. So they will be re-recording the songs and probably adding some additional tracks on there as well (instrumental demos and more). They have started a PledgeMusic campaign for the project, which you can visit here. Support these guys!


LEAVES…we’ll cut to the chase!

The 10-year anniversary of Indian Summer is coming up this August and we are going into the studio to RECORD IT ALL OVER AGAIN!! We are excited for this project and we want you to come along and enjoy the trip with us.

WHAAAAT!??? You can’t do that!! It’s…it’s my favorite record!! It’s not allowed!!!! Don’t you dare touch it!!

Well, we are… In fact we’ve already started. And it’s going to be epic! You’ll love it.

If 2013 was the year to steam ahead towards uncharted waters, 2014 is shaping up nicely for a year to allow for some reflection. After covering so much ground with Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle and Constellation Prize, the band started feeling a pull to it’s past, with a strong desire to return to this classic material.

The timing couldn’t have been better to take a look back at one of our favorite albums (and hopefully yours), but figuring how to celebrate became the challenge to overcome, as our former record label owns the master recording….

With great challenge, however, comes great opportunity, and since Carbon Leaf owns the songs that make up Indian Summer -if not the recording itself – then revisiting the songs will ensure that we bring the Indian Summer work back home again, once and for all.

So in taking a step back, in order to take another independent step forward, we present to you the INDIAN SUMMER REVISITED pledge campaign!

We sincerely hope you can be a part of this new project. It’s exciting going back into the vault…to 2004…and figuring out how we did this project 10 years ago and determine our jumping off point.

So, with 10 years of perspective and 1500+ shows performed since Indian Summer’s release, we have to ask…

“…Will you wade with me?”

– Barry, Terry, Carter, Jason, Jon


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