Kevin Seconds offering new album “Don’t Let Me Lose Ya” for suggested donation or FREE

Music News | By on Oct 9th, 2012

Kevin Seconds (of 7 Seconds) has just released his brand new solo album on Asian Man Records called “Don’t Let Me Lose Ya.” There is a suggested donation of $5 or you can just get it for FREE. I would suggest a donation, or if you get it for free, be sure to catch Kevin Seconds live the next time he’s in your city! Buy a shirt or something too.

You can buy or download the album:

With records like The Crew and Walk Together, Rock Together Kevin Seconds’ 80’s hardcore band 7 Seconds changed a lot of lives, mine included. As most people in seminal hardcore bands have been happy to leave that life behind them, Kevin Seconds has never relented with his music. And while it may not contain twenty minute-long hardcore blasts, Don’t Let Me Lose Ya bursts with the vitality of someone who is content to follow his muse, no matter what his age may try to dictate.


1. Forever Try
2. On the Hill
3. Don’t Let Me Lose Ya
4. Only Drug
5. Disappearing Girl
6. What A Lie
7. Deaf Ears
8. Oh Rhonda
9. Masterpiece, Unfinished
10. The Elements and You

Check out Kevin Seconds on Facebook for updates, tour dates and more.


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