The Specials’ Roddy Byers and Lynval Golding playing The West Coast in November

Music News | Oct 17th, 2013

Roddy Byers and Lynval Golding

The Specials Roddy Byers and Lynval Golding played together as a duo for the first time on my birthday on July 19th in New York City. They decided they had so much fun the first time, why not again? They are planning to tour the West Coast (mostly California) in the US in November.

The guys will be playing with the US version of the Skabilly Rebels and will play The Specials, The Clash and some rockabilly tunes as well. Should be fun!

Tour Dates:

Nov 6 – TBA
Nov 7 – Heroes Bar, Modesto, CA
Nov 8 – Uptown, Oakland, CA
Nov 9 – Moes Alley, Santa Cruz, CA
Nov 10 – Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
Nov 13 – The Slide Bar, Fullerton, CA
Nov 14 – The Void, San Diego, CA
Nov 15 – Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA
Nov 16 – Characters, Pomona, CA
Nov 20 – TBA
Nov 21 – TBA
Nov 22 – Spikes, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 23 – TBA
Nov 27 – The Redwood Bar, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 28 – Thanksgiving – no gig?
Nov 29 – TBA
Nov 30 – Las Vegas Country Saloon, Las Vegas, NV


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