ReadJunk Podcast – Episode 36 – Shazam Movie Review & Summer Movie Preview

Featured, Podcasts | Apr 10th, 2019

ReadJunk Podcast – Episode 36 – Shazam Movie Review & Summer Movie Preview

Episode 36 of the ReadJunk Podcast is all about movies! Chris Taylor and I give our review of Shazam (we didn’t spoil anything, at least nothing too important) and then we run down all the movies that are coming out this Spring and Summer that we’re looking forward to. Movies like Avengers: End Game, Spider-Man: Far From Home, IT: Chapter 2, John Wick 3, Toy Story 4, and lots of other films. 

Before the conversation started, I talk about the big show happening on my birthday, July 19th. Radicsfest is happening in NYC at Gramercy Theater and features bands Pilfers, Mephiskapheles, Spring Heeled Jack, Hub City Stompers, Rude Boy George and Sgt Scagnetti. I also talk about removing the music episodes of the Podcast and starting playlists on Spotify. 

The geeky conversation was fun to do with Chris over Skype, and if you like these type of episodes where it’s not an interview, let us know and we’ll do more of them! Expect more interviews soon, just have to record them soon! 

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Correction update: While talking about Yesterday, I meant Richard Curtis, not Richard Coyle.


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