Queen Of The Oddballs

Book Reviews | Aug 3rd, 2008

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Author: Hillary Carlip
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Autobiography
Pages: 288
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Hillary Carlip wants you to know that she’s off-the-wall zany! A true individual! Someone who follows the beat of her own drum! Unfortunately, I often can’t care less about people’s memoirs on how different they are, and in this case, couldn’t muster up enough interest in her Xanadu misadventures or how she once made a hat out of a birdcage.

Carlip writes out these lengthy dialogues and stories from her youth, illustrating her wacky individuality and reinventions. She uses a number of devices, like bulleted highlights of her life for a particular year, a screenplay about her screenplay, diary entries, and a letter to Olivia Newton-John on relationship issues. Some of it is amusing, but nothing is laugh-out-loud funny, thoughtful, or affecting. In fact, much of this book simply feels like someone trying too hard to publicize themselves and limply failing.

I’m sure if you were sitting across from Carlip and having a few beers, she’d tell some mighty funny anecdotes and you’d enjoy it. But I found this memoir to be boring and, unless you know who she is and are a fan of her work, rather pointless.

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