Hatebreed @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | By on Dec 26th, 2000

Opening Bands: E-town Concrete
Date: December 26th 2000
Venue: The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

It certainly has been awhile since the last time we went to a show. This show took the day after Xmas and it was friggin’ cold outside.

Of course when we got there, there wasn’t many people on line so we hung in our car for a while. But we hopped on line and ended up waiting for an hour and a half in the freezing cold. I hate clubs that have no consideration for letting people in early, rather late. The Chance excels at this. Anyway, we finally got in, after some typical guest list trouble. When we got in Sworn Enemy was already playing, much to my disappointment. I really wanted to check there whole set out. From what I heard they are awesome. Very heavy. I heard a few of their songs like “IDS” which is pretty good. When Sworn Enemy wrapped up their short set, the place was packed.

E Town Concrete came on, and played the usual set, mostly new songs, like “Shaydee,” “A Father’s Marathon,” and “Soldier.” The crowd was still frozen, and really weren’t into the show. Hardly any applause or cheers, and that’s really bad when the place is sold out. It was just like a show with an empty room. So far the bands have been excellent, with One King Down up next. Their first singer Rob was back and I never caught him live. I liked their older stuff on record but when I saw them that night I was really disappointed in their show. Not as good as they use to be. I wondered what happened. Oh well.

Hatebreed finally came up and they rocked the house! They played practically every song from their album including their demo EP “Under the Knife,” as well as new songs that are just plain awesome, like “We Will Be heard.” That track can also be found on the Tattoo the Earth Compilation. It was interesting during the set, because some of Hatebreed’s crew was dancing on stage and got a little carried away and the bouncers were trying to throw them off stage, and a fight almost broke out on stage between Hatebreed’s friends and the bouncers. Jamey Hatebreed got involved even during the song, while singing he stuck his arm in between everyone and was telling everyone to chill out. They even had to stop the show. Then the band members without Jamey Hatebreed were playing Survivors’ “Eye Of The Tiger.” I wished they played the whole thing. Overall, a fun night with lots of good hardcore/ metal bands.


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